Issues of sperm


Seminal to the project, and parallel to the producing the sperm themselves, the artist also relentlessly searched for further insights into issues of sperm.

The following links provide information on various sperm issues:


Sperm History

A brief history of sperm

Epigenesis and Preformationism

Spermists and Ovists

Western beliefs about losing semen/spending seed (great info about semen beliefs in Asia on related pages)

Hildegard of Bingen and medieval womanís sexuality

Sperm Humor:

First ever live sperm race on TVî

Every sperm is sacred Monty Python Video

Sperm Wars video game

Every sperm is sacred political cartoon


Sperm Science

Sperm Morphology

How pregnancy happens

Decreasing Sperm Count

Improving Sperm Quality

Sperm from bone stem cells

Warrior sperm

Sperm from stem cells

Parthenogenesis in dragons

Fact or Fiction
Sperm & Swimming:
Sperm collector:
Sperm & CocaCola:
Sperm & bullets:
Mixed Twins: